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Department - Electrical and Electronics Engineering


All the equipment in the laboratories is from reputed manufacturers.

1. Electro Machines Laboratory:

The Laboratory has required DC and AC machines. Students can understand the intricacies of Machines by conducting experiments like Hopkinsons test, speed control of DC motors , Scott Connection etc The Laboratory is located in a spacious area of 310Sqmts. The control panels are designed ergonomically, the cables are run underground through Trenches and concealed wiring is done providing safety and having esthetic looks.

2. Electrical Measurements Laboratory:

This laboratory has facilities to conduct experiments in the study of three phase currents using phase shifting transformer, understanding protection relays etc.

3. Power Electronics Laboratory:

This laboratory has facilities for conducting experiments in forced commutation , study of DC Jones chopper, study of invertors with reactive loads.

4. Networks Laboratory:

Facilities exist for study of electrical circuits with various types of loads, understanding Thevinins and Norton theorems.

5. Control Systems Laboratory:

Equipment like Synchros, Servomotors, Linear System Simulators, Position Controllers, PID Controller, Lag - Lead Compensators etc have been procured. In addition to this equipment, the lab has four Computer Systems to assist experiments using MATLAB.

6. Power Systems laboratory:

This laboratory facilitates to do the performance test on Kaplan turbine, performance test on reciprocating pump etc.

7. Engineering workshop:

This workshop gives an idea about house wiring, carpentry, fitting etc.